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Modern Parking Meters?
August 18, 2011 | 08:50 PM

Well, I've been to many other Resort Towns and Yr round towns and & Cities and I have to tell you, They don't have those Fancy Credit Card Parking Meters..

Those Are really UNION Busters in the Big Cities..That's their Real purpose...
and to create More Work for The Office to Justify getting higher Salaries..to Manage such a Complicated system...
It will take how long to pay for itself? 15 yrs at the least?

Less Is More!

Just give the Parking enforcement People a Sedgeway and they will more than get the job done..
and after Sept. Parking and Driving around here Isn't a Problem until next June.. and most tourist? They're in no hurry to get thru town, and the Residents? We know what areas to avoid and how to get around the town easially enough..

Want another Waste Problem? Tell me what is the Job Duites of taht Boat Launch Attendent at the City Ramp? Just sit in a Chair and get bored to death? Why not at least have them provide a Valet Service for the Vehicles and Boat Trailers t the Parking Lot? Inspect B oats before lauching for Safety.. and Help those People Launch and Load up their boats.. they sure need the Help!


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