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Where is the fairness
August 24, 2011 | 01:33 PM

to the land owners? When they bought the property it was mapped as neighborhood development from 1991 thru 2009. Which meant that Lake Geneva seen into the future some 20 years ago for a residential development going there. Otherwise why would they map out sewer and water and the new 120 bypass around the land? To Freedom Fighter I have to say your signature doesn't fit your comment. Because you said quote "That land must stay the way it is" where is the freedom for these land owners on that comment. You and many others in and around Lake Geneva want this land to stay as it is forever there is one way to do that. Pool your monies together and make the owners a FAIR offer to purchase it and turn it over to the conservancy and it will stay just as it is now forever. Otherwise you and all the rest are denying these owners their right to develop their land according to the master plan set forth just as many of you developed your land. Fair is Fair for everyone not just a few.