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Told you so....!
August 24, 2011 | 04:47 PM

As a former member of the Linn Plan Commission and a current LG resident too close to this development for comfort, I have a couple of points - 1) We voted this down in Linn at least twice. 2) LG City Council voted down the annexation until the beloved Michael "McBribe" heard Linn Town Chairman Bollweg say that if it was to ever be developed it should stay rural and in Linn...so McBride changed his vote and annexed the property - 3) The council promptly turned down the developers plans for the property and got the City into hot water. Why is it that the minute something doesn't go your way you feel the need to sue and get nasty? 4) Geneva Ridge is a name already used in Geneva Township property formerly known as Interlaken...now we will have two of them? 6) Don't we already have enough undeveloped and unwanted property in this area (condos on the market in the hundereds, homes selling for 3/4 value, empty lots grown over, empty commercial property) Why do we need to take 710 acres of mostly productive farmland and turn it over to yet another developer that has nothing better to do than act like a politician?

Brent Wambold
Lake Geneva
Walworth County