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to the NIMBY's
August 25, 2011 | 10:44 PM

Not everyone at that hearing was opposed to the hummel plan. Unfortunately, your NIMBY mob mentality scared anyone from voicing their support or attending the meeting to support them. Hummel does have rights and the rug was pulled out from under them when they changed the plan. Where were you when the previous plans were drafted? Your "facts" regarding the development are not so factual. Look at the SWERPAC development over the last 30 years. Most development in LG has occured around the lakes, and the water quality has stayed the same or improved. Some of the largest threats to the watershed is farmland. Look at Lake Delavan. There is little to no regulation of farmers. Manure spread on that land could reek more havoc on the lake then an over-engineered residential development. Also what about the aging septic systems around the lake? Why dont you take on the Farm Lobby if you want to protect our watersheds. In regards to saving the taxpayers $, would it be more cost effective to just have them foot the bill for the $100 million dollar lawsuit? If you want to tell your neighbor what to do with their land, buy it. Otherwise Move somewhere else. Glad the Counsel has the balls to do what's right and supports constitutional rights.

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