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report print email Source: Editorial: Hummel Master Plan map amendment receives nod, again
I think the majority of citizens would acknowledge that at some
September 01, 2011 | 09:56 AM

point this land will be developed. When the 2009 plan was amended, I think the change was based on market conditions that had occured recently which would indicate it best to develop what had already been approved within the City. If development at any level at this site is approved even if they say it will take 20 years it creates a saturation effect which all developers and eventually us taxpayers will not prosper because of the glut of potential dwelling units open. This has become an emotional issue for all, Hummel like it or not has the right to develop his property, after alll he owns it. The City has to look out for itself as well, and I think when the plan was changed they at the time were doing it to avoid the over abundance of avaialable parcels to develop. On the flip side, Hummel had to have known this being nearly 800 acres and nearly doubling the size of the City would cause this strife going in. The Council made some kind of a deal, that seems obvious, I wish they had let the lawsuit play out because most outsiders think the City would have prevailed in the end. However, we were not privvy to the info. in closed session and maybe the opposite was the case. As a developer, you before investing and or obtain credit to invest in an area must look at many things, and lenders look heavily on "approved dwelling units" as a condition. In the long run, this map being changed will harm all involved. The City should have looked at the change after Hilmoor, and some of the 1100 others already approved were completed and or at least pre-sold. By changing this map, nobody will win near term, if and when Hummel tries to piece this off those creditors if they do their due diligence will see an area with high pending units and may reconsider their initial thoughts. Either way, we all lose, just goes to show you that just because people and city attorneys are nice and we know them, that should not jusify them being in charge of an 8 million dollar budget.... Actions by these nice people will cost all of us greatly in the near future

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