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this guy was a joke
September 01, 2011 | 02:10 PM

he is a total boner of a building inspector. my building sucks a fat one and his inspection was strange at best. he first off was all like "hey, this building isn't up to code" and i was like "i know man, it totally is a fire hazard ya know, with all this garbage sitting here underneath this furnace and what not, and not to mention the old oil cans that i had saved up and stored in the room that also contains my water heater"(sidenote, does anyone else ever think that having a water heater is such a strange idea? i was talking to my grandfather and he was telling of how his grandfather had to heat water in a kettle over a fire and i was like whoa, we got it so easy these days, don't you think?) and anyways i was also kinda high when all of this went down and then after a long discussion about how to properly store used oil i found out that the building inspector and i also had seperate views on which was the best billie joel album, if the moon was habitable for humans and also about how fast a ferrari testarossa can actually go. all in all, i wont miss him

jim anchower
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