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It's time Has Come ..
September 02, 2011 | 05:50 AM

Life In "Mayberry, Wi." is slowly comming to an End..
I think it's way over due to vastly improve the Secuirty of all our Public Buildings, not to mention the People Inside them..
Of course, these new Regulations are For Honest people, not for those Wishing to do Harm..But it Helps I guess.
And the days of Leaving your Doors Unlocked are slowly comming to an end as well, I'm afraid..
In some Cities, they used to bring an Apple to our Teachers, now You Give them Pepper Spray or a Tazer.. How Sad..

Up North, We had to worry about Bears Wondering Into our Homes and Garages and Cars, down here, it's just another Form of Intruder..
Have a Safe School Yr LG Schools..

Retired in
LG of course
Walworth County