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RE: Retired Veteran
September 02, 2011 | 03:14 PM

How dare you equate crime with just the poor. This is your comment exactly as you typed it.
" I came from a Community that Was just Too Costly for The Poor to Live In ( N. Burbs of Chicago) and we had very Little Crime.. And in comparing The GLk area towns to The City of Milwaukee? Seems that Same Method Works here.."

And you went on to say "Until Some other way is Devised? Just Keep it Too Expensive for the Poor to Live here and you will keep the Crime Down Dramatically.. Supporting Our Education System by having Good Schools, Decent Jobs that Attracts The Higher Educated , promoting a Community to attract same kinds of people is the only solution it seems.. It doesn't eliminate Crime entirely, but sure has Dramatically in comparision to Lower Income Communities ahsn't it?"

There is plenty of crime in the rich community such as the one you came from as there is in the poorer communities. The only thing is the rich can afford to payoff officials and others to keep it quiet and off the records. How ridiculous and prejudice of a statement that was to make on your part.

Walworth County