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Safe community, or segragation ?
September 05, 2011 | 01:32 AM

What do we know about a safe community? Seems as if we know nothing. No place is safe because we create chaos on a daily basis. Maybe its the look you give the Mexican passing through the intersection, or a comment made about a black man walking down the street. What about the white guy with the shaved head and tatoos? How about the middle eastern families gathering in the parks? It's all circumstance, people are born into situations beyond there control and react to there surroundings. It's the need for more money, power,drugs, what ever you may have that someone else wants.That is how we have all been systematically taught. We cast judgement all day long on one another,hair,clothes, cars,houses,jobs,language,skin color, and for what. We hold each other back from being the best were meant to be.We are so small,but have the power to influence others around ourselves to hate our fellow man in place of helping others to better themselves. That is what a true community is supposed to do. You don't raise the cost of everything to keep the poor out. Don't they deserve to feel safe? Are they all criminals if they don't have as much money as you or I ? I know a lot of people in this "community" that attend various churches in town, and I wonder what they are thinking as they pretend to be keepers of Gods word. What are you thinking? Are you being true to what you believe? You only get about 100 years if your lucky, how many have you wasted holding others back? If you do not offer a solution to whatever you suspect is "wrong", then you remain part of the problem and, as yet, are not part of the solution.

Lake Geneva, Wi.
Taste of Wisconsin
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