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report print email Source: Editorial: Lake Geneva man faces sexual assault charges
September 05, 2011 | 04:32 PM

I know my cousin is innocent. Those little girls looked up to him as if he was their father. It's funny how these allegations has come about after he decides to leave her because of her infidelity. There is no known sex offender that would wait until he is 29 years old to commit such a crime. He has no background as a sex offender, and the little girls didn't seem as if they were afraid of him when I last saw them. I know how a child acts around her offender because I was once abused by my step-father. I was angry as a child when this happened to me. I hated my step-father. I didn't like being around him at all!!!!!! On the other hand, the children clinged to Tyrone when they were around him. They told family members that he was their dad. When speaking about it, they had smiles on their face. I will never say that a child is lying about them being abused, but I can say that Tyrone would not do anything like this. Only God knows the truth, and the truth will come forth.

LaShadrian Brooks
Walworth County