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September 08, 2011 | 05:17 AM

Ditto Mr. H..
Seems to me, It's those Have's that Don't Want More Developement for the Hae Not's, but on a Different Scale.. a Much Wealthier Scale.. If you hae a Nice Big Home and Alot of Property worth say $1 million
Would you want More To be Built Like it? It may Depreciate your Property, since It will be a New Big Home and you will have to either Invest $ to UpGrade your Place or Have to sell it for less.

If you hae a Place here that you bought for a summer Home and a Retreat to Come to for Peace and Quite, No Traffic and Alot less people than Say Living and Working In the Chicagolan Area, would you want That to change? Does Geneva Lake Need More Boats and Boaters? Well depends on whom you ask.. Those that Make $ off them or Other Boaters... OR ask the Newer Boat Rental Businesses if they want more People up here...And sure ask The Resturants and Fast Food Places.. and The Shops..Art Stores to Pizza Hut!

And the Impact on Our Schools? IF most of those Homes will be Summer Estates ? Only a Positive Impact, since They won't be Putting their Kids into our schools, They won't be here! But they will be paying Real Estate Taxes.. Imagine ave $7,500 in RE taxes for every $500k Home.. and It's only a Seasonal Summer Place.. And how about our Garbage Company? Getting all that $ to collect Garbage for 3-4 mos a Yr, but being paid 12 mos Yr! What a Sweet Deal that is..that Only the Teachers can appreciate getting paid for working 12 mos yr and work only 9 mos of that..
And how about All the Landscaping Companies? And More Jobs for them..
IF we Do this Right? Attracting Only The Wealthy and Rich, as LG has Always Done? WE can also Keep the Problem People Out of the Community, The Poor and Lower Income People as well.. Since they won't be able to afford to Live here.. And More and More "Gated Communities"... I've Notice alot of New Fences and Gates Going Up already!
And Let's not forget? Selling More Newspapers!
and More Donations /Fund Raising $ for our Local Chairable Organizations..

Economically? It's Going to Very hard to turn this Expansion of Growth Down.

Retired in
Taste of Wisconsin