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Parking Follies
September 08, 2011 | 12:43 PM

The close to one million dollars being allocated towards this parking meter system would so be better spent on acquiring needed property for a centrally located parking garage as suggested by Time to think ahead. Tossing this money into this temporary fix is like trying to plug a leak in a dam with chewing gum.....the problem will only get worse with time! We have pretty much given up on coming in to Lake Geneva the past several years as the parking on any given weekend simply goes from bad to worse. This was especially the case a few weeks back on Venetian Festival weekend. Charge a premium for garage parking on weekends and minimal charge during the week and you will fast generate sufficient revenue to pay for it and drive even more business to the local area. Eliminate street parking on Main on at least one side and watch traffic flow improve greatly. Remember that parking challenges keep many people away.....fixing the problem the right way will further solidify Lake Geneva as the place to be rather than the place where you can't park!

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