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September 10, 2011 | 11:39 AM

First let me say that diagonal parking has been a part of Lake Geneva for many decades.
Second we discrimminate against larger vehicle owners now with only allowing small vehicles to park in the first few slips at the corners and now you ask that these same people be discrimminated against all over the city. Whatever happened to a free society?
Third you commented on how crowded it is getting on the lakefront and the lake with all these commercial entities down there. Then turn around and say they need Bait, Pop and Ice Machines down there as well as more benches.
Fourth How many more memorials do we need in this country to honor Veteran's, Police officers and Firemen? I believe the country as a whole repect and appreciate what these individuals have and do for us that we need not have memorials everywhere. It is getting out of hand on this memorial thing not only for them but for anyone. They are along the roads for accident's, sidewalks, you name it they are everywhere. I am not saying we shouldn't honor or remember people, But this need for all these memorials is out of hand. I honor my family members by going to the cemetery and placing flowers at their graves. I don't need to have memorials where they passed away. You want to honor a Veteran give to the VFW, Police officer give to the Federation of Police and the same for Firemen. The money will do more that way than having memorials all over the place. For a loved one who passed from a illness donate to a organization to find cures or at least help. I feel that would be a more fitting way to remember them. Many cities and towns already have memorials for Veterans. There is one right on the lakefront in Library Park.
Fifth the lake is not the personal property of the city residents. It belongs to everyone.
Sixth the lakefront attendant could inspect boats for foreign matter on the boat like weed clippings from other lakes or rivers the boat has been in and check for other harmful matter to the waters of the lake. I also believe they are there to collect launching fees if I am not mistaken. They could also police the area for trash and help keep the lakefront clean.
Seventh the parking meter system will help cut the cost to the city in time. The old saying of "YOU HAVE TO SPEND IT TO MAKE IT" will work here.