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Sometimes its the way we do things
September 13, 2011 | 07:13 PM

I had problems with David Hansen as building inspector but he could always be reached, would return phone calls, and was willing to sit down with you and discuss a problem. His people skills were not good and so he often appeared pushing or arrogant. However, he always seemed to be working in the best interest of the Village, and for that, I appreciated his time on the job. The new Village President seems to have taken away from him the ability to address his shortcomings. I don't like the idea where 4 of 7 people get to take away a person's job without having to explain why. The comment "we have received complaints" is ridiculous. Any building inspector doing his job is going to rub some people wrong. The question is - was Hansen wrong in his decision making and in enforcing the village ordinances?

Mike Goodman,
Williams Bay and Milwaukee
Walworth County