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Hey Tim Read Before you insert Foot in Mouth!
September 22, 2011 | 01:07 PM

Lets do the Math.$600,000. -$750,000. Cost estimate.
Tiff contribution $300.000 (Set aside for these improvements)
Cost to City Budget $300,000- $450,000
Total Parking fees 2010 $777,000. One Year X 5 Years =$3,885,00 Revenue after $3,435,000.
So where do you get 5 years no revenue! Use your head instead of being led by your
nose Like O,Neill and Krone. They both talk out there A-- like you do.
We need to realize that this will be a huge improvement in our community!
Walk around Fontanna and see how much nicer it looks without Meters.

SK Voter and Taxpayer
City Of Lake Geneva Resident
Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin