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Hey Tim Read Before you insert Foot in Mouth!
September 22, 2011 | 01:07 PM

Lets do the Math.$600,000. -$750,000. Cost estimate.
Tiff contribution $300.000 (Set aside for these improvements)
Cost to City Budget $300,000- $450,000
Total Parking fees 2010 $777,000. One Year X 5 Years =$3,885,00 Revenue after $3,435,000.
So where do you get 5 years no revenue! Use your head instead of being led by your
nose Like O,Neill and Krone. They both talk out there A-- like you do.
We need to realize that this will be a huge improvement in our community!
Walk around Fontanna and see how much nicer it looks without Meters.

SK Voter and Taxpayer
City Of Lake Geneva Resident
Walworth County