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$ shouldbe Used to Create More.not Less Tourisum/Business
September 24, 2011 | 05:27 AM

Well considering Most of these New Modern Meters will Not be Used 6 mos a Yr and I think will stick out like sore thumbs?
This $ should be used to Create More Tourisum and Promote More Business = More Tax Income and More Jobs, not Less.

We can have all the Fancy ways To Collect Parking Fee's, but if nobody is Going to Use them? What are they worth now? = "0".. We are heading into a Recession on a National Scale and We are IN One on a Midwestern Scale.. ( have you checked With Businesses and How they have fared this Season vs btwn 03-07'?) Don't use How things have improved after 08's Crash.. Anything looks Good after that Yr.. We have So many Homes STILL On the market For over 3 yrs! No Buyers!

-If Users pay their Parking Meter Fees and we can't Issue Tickets? We will loose out on all that $ we get from Parking Tickets! How Much $ in Parking Tickets Do we average Every yr?
And Did you know $950,000 Invested Into Bond Funds, are paying 7% apy = over $66,500 yr !

I think we wait until ALL these Current Parking Meters are Used at least 10 mos our of 12 mos a Yr and not just 5-6 mos/12 , before We go foreward to spending A Million Dollars! To make Less $!

We are a Long way off from getting back to Pre- late 08' levels In our Economy..
This Town Needs to Create Jobs, not waste it's $ on Modern Toys!

Retired in
LG of course
Walworth County