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Vote YES
September 25, 2011 | 04:43 PM

This is the best thing to happen so Bloomfield does not get eaten up by Genoa City, where you pay the highest water and sewer rates in the state or by Lake Geneva were your taxes are so high the middle class is almost no where to be found. The governement in Genoa CIty and Lake Geneva bearely operate becasue of all the in fighting amongst there village and city leaders. Is that what or who you want leading you? Bloomfield needs to incorperate so it survives. Don't look at the short term and look to the future. For cleaning up Pell Lake, there has been great strides in the past few years by the town in cleaning it up. There are very few junk properties in Pell Lake, and if your neighbor is one, Go talk to them or is it easer to not talk to them and just complain to every one else? For cleaning the lake its self, the town has no control over the lake. The WI DNR governs all water ways in this state. The DNR will let you do some things to the lake at your dime. If you become a village you are elligable for moneys from the state and feds to do many things like clean the lake, fix roads and pay for other servises that towns are not eligible for. In turn this will lower your taxes in the long run. So vote YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walworth County
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