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September 25, 2011 | 05:36 PM

Is this incorporation process run by Nancy Pelosi? Should we pass the referendum to see what's in it? Has any information been sent to the other 1200 residents who aren't interested in this incorporation?

It would be nice IF we incorporate that we have fair and ANNOUNCED elections for the administrative positions. Monroe basically runs unopposed because those of us that actually work for a living don't get any notification that an election is in the works.

As for cleaning up the town - many have gone to Ken Monroe personally for assistance and none is offered. God forbid he should upset one of his cronies.

You can't polish a turd my friends, and as long as the current yahoo's are still running the town, whether it's called The Town of Bloomfield, Bloomfield Township or Pell Lake - it's still the same turd.

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