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What is the City Council doing anyway?
September 27, 2011 | 04:45 AM

There's an old expression, and everyone is familiar with it; "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" This plan sounds really expensive, clumsy, inconvenient and unworkable. I've just moved from Lake Geneva after living there 20 years. I'm trying to envision these new "parking stations" in the winter when there are huge piles of snow alongside and on top of the curbs downtown. It's hard enough to reach the meters in those conditions as one slips and slides and tries to navigate in thigh high snow, but walking to a "parking station" to put money in and then struggling back to one's car to get the children? This is a good idea because???? I'm also thinking of all those paved bricks that were put in when the city was "beautified" not that long ago. All the old parking meters will have to be removed - imagine the inconvenience, the expense and the mess! Afterwards, things have to be made right again. $935,000 for the new system - what are you thinking???? That's just for the new system - right? It doesn't include the cost of tearing up the streets in order to remove the old meters out and then making repairs. How much is that going to cost? Then there's the maintenance of the "parking stations".

I love Lake Geneva and always will. My leaving had to do with not being able to handle winters any more and needing the proceeds from the sale of my house to live on. I hate the thought of these "stations" taking away from the beauty of the downtown area. Places like Woodstock and Harvard, Illinois did away with parking meters entirely years ago. It makes parking and shopping much more pleasant.

It seems to me that it would behoove the City Council to let residents/taxpayers vote on this. I guarantee the idea won't fly. The expense is astronomical - many of the city streets are in desperate need of repair and there will be many more at the end of another long, hard winter. Breakdowns in the equipment are guaranteed - times when people can't get the machines to accept their money. Then what are they supposed to do, drive to the police station and tell them or stay in the parking place and return to their cars to find parking tickets?

I realize that it's not my problem any more because I no longer live in the area, but people I care about who are homeowners and taxpayers do still live there. While home values continue to plunge, property taxes have shot up. This is just one more frivolous, costly idea to shove down the throats of the beleaguered home owners in beautiful Lake Geneva.

City Council members, do you not realize, do you not "get" the fact that many home owners in Lake Geneva are literally hanging on by their fingernails? It's the homeowners who pay and pay and pay every time someone on the council comes up with another brilliant idea. How about some compassion and empathy here?

Pamela deRoy
Suffolk, VA
Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin