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I think this is Dishonest
September 30, 2011 | 04:07 PM

The sellers of the systems suggested the city would increase its total parking revenue with the stations because people just use a credit card and often pay for more time than they need.

Since we will have their Credit Card? Why won;t they be paid for the actual Time they used instead? Or How about a More Novel Idea? Refund the extra $ they paid? Or Donate it to the Churches In the City Limits..? Otherwise? Is this Not Ill-Gotten $?

How about some Poor Soul that Has a Car Breakdown , like a Flat tire or car won't start.. You still think they should have to pay for more parking? Would they Deserve a Ticket if they didn't pay more or just forgot too?

W/O a Parking Enforcement Person there to make those Human Decisions? I forsee alot of problems comming..And alot of Unhappy Residents and Tourist as well.. Feeling getting ripped off..
Butt, I'm sure after acouple of Seasons/Yrs The bugs will be worked out..
And we need SOMETHING , Somekind of System, and not just leave it upto people to Be Honest, Unfortunately, too many Take Advangage that..

and its better to Let Most Non Residents Provide $ for our City and Residents, so we don't have to pay more Taxes.. And I assume if we do make more $ from this? Our Taxes Will be Reduced accordingly, right?


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