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October 06, 2011 | 10:16 AM

I would love to meet this writer someday and give her a clue! I am not afraid of progress in fact I develop it on a daily basis as part of my job! What we need is progress in the right areas which is the true issue here that she fails to address. LG needs more parking not a new way to pay for it, it is more about smart progress and priorities. Her editorial viewpoint is not the viewpoint of most local residents I have spoken to who all want the issue of lack of parking solved before improving how it is paid for. Once we actually have enough parking I would be happy for the city to take up new more progressive ways to pay for it. The truly progressive thing to do with the parking would be to make it free and encourage more people to visit the area and spend more money in our wonderful community.

A. Kalous
Lifelong Resident
Walworth County