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A couple points
October 07, 2011 | 01:40 PM

First - To the former tourist poster - this area is already a TIF. Just thought you would want to know that.

Second - I have no problem with the kiosk issue. The real problem may be that traffic flow will get worse than it is already. If you have the option of not having to max the time at a particular stall - simply by calling in with a cell phone..the cars could be there for hours or even the entire day. The downtown owners or employee's who park in front of their store or work place - instead of getting ticketed - which hopefully would be a deterent but some people don't care or pile up the tickets...city used to suspend license plates on the "regulars" don't know if they still do that or not. But anyway, the programming needs to include a MAX time per stall and yes it should vary by location. The closer you get to downtown - the shorter the duration frankly.

Third - I did like the idea that the prices should go up per hour depending on whether your stall is a premium location or not. That may resolve my issue under my second point - if it costs $25 to park for the day - then go ahead and let them reload the meter with a cell!

Last point - parking has been a pain in the _ _ _ since as long as I can remember and that goes back to at least the 1980's when I moved here. I've read all the info and heard enough to believe that a parking garage is not fiscally viable..look at th collapsed Milwaukee garage and the massive expensive repairs they had to put in and its a whole lot more money to park in that anyway. You'd price yourself out of tourism unless we can come up with a better plan than charging $5 a hour or whatever. I would be somewhat concerned about late night security in it too.

So, if ANYBODY has a good idea to elleviate the parking mess - please do it quick. I'm pretty sure Warren Buffett couldn't solve this one...maybe the Donald can.

And thats all folks
Long Time Genevian
Walworth County