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mr rogers
October 07, 2011 | 10:18 PM

how about leadership? Gov walker gave big businesses tax breaks, not small business. unless its a corporate mcdonalds its not going up. and thats a shame Il has a higher minimum wage, youd think small business would love us, but thanks to walker this state is going down fast. we make the wealthy have more money and tax the middle class. so the people who spend money in small businesses dont have it. why would any business come here? the middle class is broke. the rich spend their money with each other. instead of walmart the shop sax fith avenue. instead of applebees the go to urban culinary inhanced venues. and the list goes on. republicans want the middle class to be poverty class so they can expand the upper class. under them it will be only two classes in this country haves and haves not. thats why they support non union corps. wake up recall walker

aaron rogers
Walworth County