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Mr. rogers
October 08, 2011 | 09:38 PM

You have a very interesting view of the state and world, but it is not reality.
Walker's policies will save this state financially and I believe the jobs will come, if they haven't already.
Just like Enough Already wrote, class warfare and demonizing the rich is all the Libs can do to justify their nonsense positions and viewpoints. It is sickening.
Liberals and progressives enjoy power so much, it is they who actually have no use for a middle class at all. The Libs, Progressives and Dems want the most people they can get reliant on them because thats what they think makes them powerful. they hate people who have money, people who think they have enough money, self-sufficient people and those who don't need them to survive or be happy. At every stop, they try to convince those who are actually the middle class that they are not the middle class and that they are the working poor the Dems and Libs are working so hard for. What a crock of you know what.
Class warfare will destroy this country eventually. I just hope I'm long gone before I see it happen with my own eyes. If we don't start thinking and understanding what's going on, the demize will be quicker than we ever thought.

Time to think for yourself
Lake Geneva
Walworth County