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Just too many People in a Too Small a Town
October 11, 2011 | 05:24 PM

Me thinks this is the Real Problem...Too many People ( Vehicles) trying to Get into too smalla Town that is limited to only 3 access areas..the 4th is the Lake Side..
Craming some 10,000 More People on the wknds is just too much!
While we Have Businesses wanting MORE People to Visit and spend their $
We have Employees who Make their Living From Lake Geneva want More people, since they can Get Paid More as well..
We have alot of the Residents Who Do Not .. ( Espeically those Summer Home Owners who come up her to GET AWAY from Congested City Life )

And there will NEVER Be a Happy Medium btwn the 2..

Now? until May? Things will Go back to being the Town of Mayberry again.
I'm all for getting Rid of the Ugly Parking Meters.. They have been a Eyesore for Yrs..

On wknds? I stay Out of Town.. It's just Too Busy and Dangerous to drive and Park ..But that's ok, we Need the Tourist and The $ they bring to our Fair City.. We have the Weekdays and The other 6-7 mos a Yr to have the Town to Ourselves ..

Retired in
LG of course
Walworth County