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October 13, 2011 | 08:44 AM

Such a long list on contributors, Sal! It must be such a relief to know so many people care enough to contribute to the Time is Now to Help to help their fellow men, women and children. Wish we could clone you - there are a lot of people struggling here in Virginia and North Carolina. I see people with grocery carts containing big cardboard cartons of Raman (sp) noodles. They buy pig ears and feet to prepare for their families. There is a phenomenal amount of poverty - it hasn't been this bad for many, many decades; not since the Great Depression.

Thank God for you, Sal! You save lives, you brighten futures, you act positively and immediately so the lives of others are better. Thank you for all you do! I miss you!

Pamela deRoy
Suffolk, VA
Walworth County