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Parking Garage !!!
October 18, 2011 | 08:14 AM

1.I feel the best location for the garage would be where the old theater is.2.No one can answer me how come Burlington and Galena il. can afford to do this.3.If it will pay for itself why not do it.
Like I said in my past posts I dont care what Lake Geneva does with its parking problem,It was just a idea.
Lake Geneva has no other ideas other than a shuttle.People dont use them.
If it would never pay for itself than maybe it would be a bad idea but the traffic and parking issue is only going to get worse.Someday something is going to have to be done.I might not of given you the right solution but at least I gave you one.Whats yours.

Hate L.G. in the summer
Lake Geneva ,West
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