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October 18, 2011 | 09:21 PM

Many people believe those who have or could lose their homes or cars took a loan they couldn't repay. In some cases that maybe true but the majority I would say are those who had no problems paying their debts until the economy tanked and they lost their income. Plus when the job market dried up made it impossible to find work or work that paid enough to be able to keep up on their debts. In many cases it was not their idea to default on loans they took. So I wish those who have been saved this horrific tragedy would stop labeling those as losers. Until they walk in the shoes of those who worked hard all their life to achieve the American dream of owning a car and house just to see it all melt away and not to be able to save it, those people need to keep their sarcasim to themself and thank god they were spared.
My case is simple I had a brother who worked hard at his job to be able to buy the home he wanted. He did that and unfortunately he had a heart attack and surgery. Thank God his insurance paid for that at the time. He went back to work and was doing well until he lost his jobs and insurance. I lived with him and I to lost my job at the same time. Both of us unemployed at the same time and no insurance because we couldn't afford it being out of work. We applied for Badger care and was informed at the time it was broke. My brother was placed on the waiting list 2 years ago. The stress of being out of work, no income, no insurance and falling behind on the house finally took its toll on him this spring. He passed away and by the way he is still on the waiting list. I have tried to find work to try to keep his home of which he left to me. But, no such luck on work so now I am faced with the fact that I lost my brother in spring and now in fall I will lose the house he worked his butt of to get. So if I seem angry there is the reason. I know I am not alone in this with losing a home. But, it hurts and angers a person when you see something you worked hard for just desolve away due to no fault of your own. To have to start over with nothing when you are closer to retirement and should be preparing to take life easier is a very scarey thing to look at. Because when you hit the 50's not many places want to hire you.
As for the fees banks charge, I don't feel I should have to pay to get my own money. The banks make enough off of using the depositors money and about the person or persons who robbed the bank. Maybe they are in a dire situation and felt there was nothing else they could do. It doesn't make it right, but these are very very hard times. This is the last I am going to comment on this.

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