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Glad I don't live near skate park
October 19, 2011 | 08:03 AM

I admit I don't understand the TIF & how it can be used; but why spend $300,000 on a skate park when the city is having problems with their budget & is talking raising taxes? Why don't they use that money for city overages? Isn't there a better use for that skate park money? On my street alone, I have seen many people have to jump out of the way of traffic because we have no sidewalks. With a school & church on the street; you would think safety would be a big issue. How about asking the people what they want THEIR money to be spent on. How many locals will really get any use out of a skate park? I am so glad I don't live near that area as I'm sure there will be more & more reason for vandalism and such.

Carol Daniels
Lake Geneva
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