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Great Thing For Community
October 19, 2011 | 12:37 PM

First off, TIF money must be used specifically in the TIF district & must meet certain criteria. They can't simply take that money & shift it to another need in the community. In today's world more kids are actively skate boarding/BMX biking than playing baseball, basketball, or football. We would not & have not hesitated to provide recreational parks for these activities & should not for this activity that promotes excercise.

The current problems with the current skate park have nothing to do with the skates or bikers, but instead are related to the isolated location of the park. It provides great cover for young adults & teens to engage in illegal activities. Both the skates & the police will applaud the change in location as it removes this element. The vandalism at the current park is not being committed by the users. That would be inane. It is being caused by kids or young adults who could care less about the park & simply want to committ an act of destruction.

The new skate park will also provide revenue for the City. It is not uncommon for families to take into consideration recreational activities for their children for vacation locations. Skaters will travel to tryout exciting well built skate parks, & yes they will travel great distances.

From a fina

Bob P
Lake Geneva
Walworth County