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report print email Source: Editorial: Internet exclusive - Parking rate increase, end of 2-hour free parking?
Bay Weekender / Cottage Crowd
October 24, 2011 | 10:50 AM

Just one point really - as for the schools being flush with dollars - the State of Wisconsin levy's for schools differently than Illinois. Its on a per pupil occupancy and three year rolling average "in district" resident basis. So, the value of the non-resident property (such as yours) only decreases the average cost for the residential homeowner contribution for the school. The school can only get the 3 year average student enrollment count times the state rate which I believe is like $14k. regardless of the property value. Property value decreases state aid which is a whole different can of worms for this area.

However, I completely agree that raising the rate and removing the one "perk" of the free sticker is crazy along with year round collections. There is NO WAY that this will equal 100's of thousands....no way. The peak season will increase - but the off season....uh uh....Then you add in the reason that the fund was created - to ease property tax burdens and to start putting money away for a parking garage (which will most likely never happen since they've spent all the accumulated funds on the new system and whatever was left is now in the general fund!) and the whole thing is bad politics.