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report print email Source: Editorial: Internet exclusive - Parking rate increase, end of 2-hour free parking?
RE: Concerned Citizen
October 24, 2011 | 12:16 PM

Many on the council are businesses owners and being in a small community such as Lake Geneva and other small communities as well to entice business growth in the area is taboo because the fear of opening the gate to more business may just deminish their business due to competition . Also many just want this area to remain as it has been over the years and that can't happen and be able to maintain the services we have and add other services plus maintain the quality of life everyone wants.
The group that presented plans for Hillmoor wanted to keep and enhance the golf course plus bring in some residential and business. But it was talked down because many said the cheap cost of golfing there would disappear and the business plan for along hwy 50 frontage would be unsitely because of the cars. So there it sits overgrown, no tax revenue and it looks more and more like the back 40 of a farm.
The idea of developing the Hummel property was shot down and continues to be frowned on because many want it to remain as it is and use the excuse it will ruin the lake. Just take a look around the the lake.
The majority in Lake Geneva are completely against development of any kind anywhere. But yet they want all the services you can get in other cities. Someone has to pay for them and sticking it to the tourist market everytime will only hurt tourism as time goes on. I love this area but it is time people get with the program of the 21st century. Costs for everything has gone up. Due to the lack of jobs and quality paying jobs I am as many others are being forced now to move elsewhere and that bothers me because I like the area. But, when it comes to being able to pay your bills, put food on the table, afford cloths and insurance. Check the records, why do you think there are so many on county programs? There are no quality jobs that pay a wage enough to suppport not only yourself but a family here. The small town charm doesn't look so good any longer especially when your hungy, living in your car, sick and not being able to seek treatment.
The new parking system will pay for itself. As for the 2 hour free parking to residents it isn't a bad idea during the off season. I think this new system could help that idea because lets face it the way the system is now anyone could park for more than 2 hours free and no one would know. Thus losing revenue for the city. This system should be able to handle 2 hour parking for free. The parking stickers you receive has a number on it. If you wanted to utilize your 2 hour free parking all you should need to do is input your sticker number and stall number. Once it is in the system your 2 hours of free parking begins. But, once the 2 hours are up you start getting charged for the additional time. The city would have a readout of that and there are two ways to pay for the time owed by the resident. 1... The city could send a notice of money owed and you would pay it at city hall. 2... Your next trip to town and use of your free parking would automatically deduct the time from before leaving you whatever balance of the new 2 hours to use. Example: You owe 30 minutes or $1 of time previously. You put in your sticker number and stall this time and it comes up there is a balance of 30 mins or $1 owed. It would deduct the 30 minutes or $1 and leave you 11/2 hours or $1.50 free time to use this time. Simple idea. There are ways this system can benefit everyone and save money as well.