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Do we want or need more development?
October 26, 2011 | 07:43 PM

I recall when Oak Knolls was proposed on the South East side of the town. Village Officials were all too eager to cave to developers (tiny lots, no curbs, no sidewalks, no storm sewers, etc). Development will come to the area organically. And I dont like my property tax dollars going to subsidize another (or prospective) property owner. That is just wrong. The two failed developments are a national reality that our housing stock is flooded and no additional capacity is necessary until values come back. I wonder how the people who's property values have dropped feel about subsidizing NEW homeowners in our town when their own homes could sell at a loss?
As for the Square and the school concerns. Pam Knor needs to retire and move to Cuba where she belongs. The quality of education in this town is not what it was 20 years ago before she and her left wing, progressive, liberal agenda came to town. She is illegally educating illegal aliens and has NO right to vote in any of these issues.

J Doyle
Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin