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Go Badgers!
October 27, 2011 | 06:16 PM

Thank you for all the kind words shared for EVERYONE to read! I sure hope something is done with the Officials that have made this particular season one of the most frustrating I have ever witnessed. I hope the WIAA takes a hard look at the last 2 Badger games and any other games played by other schools in the Conference that they feel were called so badly! I do not know how the Refs are evaluated or if they have any accountability but they should! I would like the Refs to take a minute and reflect on their actions and see how unfair they were to this hard working team that could have been "The Division Champs" and moved on to another round of playoffs. These boys worked hard and deserved those wins, and it is heartbreaking how it was stripped from them! Shame on you WIAA, more time should be spent evaluating the calls made by the Refs weekly so they can be corrected prior to the next game and they should be held accountable by recieving penalties themselves for each bad call they make in a game. If too many penalties for them, they will be stripped of thier chances of being on the field for the playoffs, it should be earned for them as well as our boys! This may make them take to the field with more integrity and the outcome of the games will be fair for every team! To the Badger Football Team 2011, you played a GREAT game, nothing to be ashamed of, it was a thrill every Friday to watch each of you play and give it your ALL, Badger was the BEST team out on the field! I wish all the Seniors a successful future and hopefully there will be another time for all of you to shine! I can't wait for next Season to watch all the returning players and incoming ones! For those Refs responsible for the poor calls, may you learn something from your mistakes and perform your duties more responsibly and professionally next season or STAY OFF THE FIELD!

Dedicated Badger Fan "MOM"
Genoa City
Walworth County