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report print email Source: Editorial: BREAKING: Big Foot volleyball headed to state for first time in school history
The Equestrian Team from Badger High School has won the State C
November 02, 2011 | 07:23 AM

Well, that's all Fine and Dandy, but is that not a Rich Person's Sport? Like Owning a Horse is?
And not too many in my Subdivison has neihter the $ or the space to own a Horse, nor Keep one at a Horse Farm...More for the Upper Class and Rich is it not?

And What does it cost per Year to Be on the Team and What does it cost to Own a Horse and Keep it at a Farm? Kind of like Playing Polo is it not?
I'm sure it's quite a bit more than Owning a Dog ! ( And my Dog can do Alot of Tricks though)
Let alone The cost for being on a Volleyball Team...
And How many Calories does one burn up per Hour riding a Horse vs playing Volleyball?

and How about stories about Kayak Races? Who won them this Year?
And the Bike Races?

Maybe LGRN can do a Summary for the past Season on all the outdoor Sports for the Year?


Geneva Lakes
Walworth County