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Not going Out anymore
November 03, 2011 | 05:26 AM

Of the kinds of people I see roaming around? If they have a Gun? I'm not going out anymore
Road Rage to Being Drunk Once with a Hand Gun is all it takes
You want a Defensive Weapon? Pepper Spray or allow Tasers with 50% less Pwr in them ..for private use..
and just get a Baseball bat for the Home and Lock up your Doors/Windows and Don't leave your Garage Door Open.. and leave the Lights On a Timer when gone.

Only time I feel safe seeing someone with a Gun? Is if it's in it's Holster...
Army Veteran and I've seen what a Gun can do...Too many times

Keep that Gun Locked Up and with a Gun Lock on it when at your home with kids around..
and never Leave The House with Kids alone in it..

How many Get hurt or worse just with Hunting Guns in the home?

Retired Veteran
Walworth County