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Good for Wisconsin!
November 03, 2011 | 10:43 AM

I cannot understand the argument people make saying if everyone has a gun the world will be chaos. If you were a criminal, looking to do criminal stuff, wouldnt the notion of knowing someone around may have a gun deter you? Statistics say it does. Take a look at states with lieneant gun laws, their gun crime rates are lower than states with higher restrictions. As for not going out any more, because there is some drunk shooting up downtown, when does that happen. Gun owners are (for the majority) sensable people with common sense. A crazy still cannot go purchase a gun at a store, the owner would deny them. That leaves black market, which is where most guns come from that are used in crime. As for shooting loved ones at home, thats where training comes in. Eliminating guns wont end gun crime. A perfect example is drugs. Cocaine is illegal, as with marijuana and heroine (and since its illegal Noooooobody uses them riiiiight?????) Its idiotic peolle think banning stuff makes it go away. Prohibition was the best thing to happen to alcohol. But banning it opens the doors for cartels and mobs~ the same criminals you thought were banned from guns.

Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin