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Good job Neal
November 08, 2011 | 11:18 AM

From what I have heard & seen, Neal has been doing a great job. He's young, enthusiastic, and totally dedicated to servicing this community. He took some extra schooling on his own of what ever was available, & any knowledge he gets will be a credit to his job. So he drives the company truck home sometimes, so what? And hey, Happy Go Lucky, I for one do hope that in the middle of winter, Neal plows his own driveway first, & his co-workers if needed, so they can get to the station to make sure all the utilites are working for US. And your libelous reference to Don DeBaere did not go unnoticed and so uncalled for. Don was retired, and was asked to be on the sanitary commission. He loves this community & has lived here most of his life and is a very respected person where ever he goes. Bad mouthing him does not tarnish his past & present hard work for this community. Maybe Happy Go Lucky needs to evaluate himself to figure out why he has such anger towards people who are successful, who give back, enjoy their work and their lives, and are genuinely happy. Perhaps it's something he never achived.

RD in LG
Lake Como
Walworth County