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Good Bye!!
November 12, 2011 | 09:14 PM

Does Walgreen's really need a stoplight to build a store? I don't believe that for one minute. I also am glad that the DOT said no. Look at the traffic on Route 12 every Sunday from Genoa City to Richmond it's a MESS! Here's a good idea, lets add another traffic light for poor Walgreens. Last time I checked Walgreens was in Lake Geneva, Delavan, Spring Grove, and McHenry....etc. I think the only way Genoa City will thrive is if Illinois puts in a bypass around Richmond, where traffic would be routed further west. I bet if you offered Walgreens some tax incentives they would build a store. Face it you can't compare Route 12 running thru Richmond and Walworth Street in Genoa City, its apples and oranges.

No More Traffic Lights!!!!
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