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Planning My RE Taxes
November 16, 2011 | 04:53 AM

Well, Yrs ago when I moved here, I just did the same For Financial Planning of my RE Taxes, as I did for most Everything else in the "House Budgeting" and that is Just Add 5% Yr. And any Extra Left over is Kept in the "Pot"/Account for the following yr..
This Budget Includes setting aside $ to pay for Car Repairs to replace Household Applicances like a HWH,Well pump items, watersoftner to Just about everything else .

I like that This County can Find ways Not to Raise costs per Inflation at times and still maintain the Counties Budget..

I just hope they aren't being a Penny Wise and come up a Dollar Short in the future..
It's a Part of Life and Living in a Nice part of the country, tha I expect it's going to cost Alittle More than in other Higher Density Areas of the country..

Even cans of Soup is Up +18%, from 50 cents to 59 cents now..to our Elec. cost are up about 1 penny per KW or about 7% accross the board when you include not just the Cost Per KW, but everything else they sneak into it.. ( I like that we have Been Volunteered to Donate $60 yr to Help pay for Others Elec. Bill ) I'm waiting to See my RE Tax bill have the same type of "Donation" to help pay for someone else's Tax Bill or even just their Boat Slip, so they can continue to enjoy living around here..

But, I'm happy we don't have as High a Taxing situation as our Illionis Neighbors to the south in Lake County..were I used to Live.. When I left there in 2002, It was like equal to 2.5% of the Retail Value of our Home. Of course, most of us Didn't mind since our homes were Going Up in value the ave of about 7-8% a yr back in those days..Over here in the Lake Geneva Area, They tell me our Subdivision is up about 4% as a whole this yr... That's Nice, but as a Retiree? Not planning on Ever Selling? I'd like to see it stay Low myself.., until if an when I ever Do have to sell it and then it can go up +50%, before I have to leave..

Everyone wants to be Paid More, but very few are willing to Pay someone else more..

Walworth County