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report print email Source: Editorial: Town officials reschedule budget hearing
Who is the boss?
December 01, 2011 | 06:58 PM

Watcher, who did you want to speak about the posting of meetings and budget items, Randy Parker? No, Mr. Parker would address issues concerning the Highway Dept. These are the issues that Deb Kirch was elected to deal with. This is what she does on a daily basis. So, of course, she is going to answer these types of questions. Also, it seems to me that she was asked these questions by the reporter. Did you want her to defer them to the Chairman? I seriously hope you didn't expect Town Chairman Kopecky to be a spokesperson. That would require him to show some leadership. My question is why Supervisor Kulik seems to be the spokesperson for the budget and why he is determining which cuts are being made. I thought Mr. Kopecky would address this, but then again that would require some leadership. It would seem to me that if a budget workshop was necessary the Chairman would have requested it, not Mr. Kulik. Seems to me that Larry Kulik may be the one you need to look at if you are concerned with a power grab.

Hugh Jass
El Lago de Como
Walworth County