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TE, you make a good point
December 02, 2011 | 03:01 PM

We do include the tax rates for the schools in the separate stories about the school district budgets (which are completed in late summer usually and well before anyone is thinking about taxes). We do the same for the county budget and tax rate as well.
Your point is valid that people don't get it. You are absolutely right that they think their entire tax bill is going to the municipality because that is where they send their check or where they go to pay their taxes.
However, I am not sure adding school budget and tax rate numbers to a newspaper story about the village, town or city's budget and tax rate would help to make the situation less confusing.
There are usually five and sometimes six taxing districts that make up a property owner's total tax bill. Each of these is separated on every single tax bill and property owners need to look no further than their own tax bill to see how much they are paying to each taxing district.
I believe last year, we had a city breakdown of every tax dollar for city purposes.
Schools are a bit easier. About 80 percent of their budgets are for salary and benefits of teachers, staff and administration.
Hope this helps.

Lisa the Editor
Walworth County