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Sorry Lisa...
December 06, 2011 | 06:36 AM

I did not mean to point out the lack of including the school tax amount as intentional. Rather as a few others have pointed out, an educational opportunity. When 10% (rough est.) of a total tax bill ends up in the/a townships hands, that amount is again split between all the departments. Services, salaries, (yes, town employees need to get paid) buildings and grounds, police, fire, parks... and do I dare mention public works? I am hoping this does not turn into a 'lazy highway worker' volley of words but rather a place people can see exactly where their money is spent. (Unfortunately for them, highway workers are some of the most 'public' of public employee's and often take the brunt of the criticism by merely doing their job) By the way, renters rarely see a Property Tax bill and many homeowners that do may not read them or do not/cannot understand them. I do however, stand by my thought of having people pay their taxes in the school office! ;) Keep up the good work.

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