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report print email Source: Editorial: Looking ahead to 2012 in Linn, Geneva
January 04, 2012 | 10:43 AM

Steve, How do you define a "smaller community"? It can't be by size, Geneva and Linn are larger geographically than any of the cities or villages in Walworth County. Using population, Geneva, at least, really isn't small when considering other municipalities surrounding Geneva Lake.

Lake Geneva -- 7,662
Bloomfield -- 6,272
Geneva -- 4,995
Lyons -- 3,693
Genoa City -- 3,052
Walworth (v) -- 2,813
Williams Bay -- 2,560
Linn -- 2,388
Walworth (T) -- 1,698
Fontana -- 1,671

I know it doesn't change the import of your story, I just wondered against what standard you measured large or small.

Geneva, at least, has tremendous opportunities to be far more important economically than it has thus far proven to be. The Highway 50 and Highway H corridors could support appropriate businesses to increase the town's tax base and ease any burden on the town's taxpayers caused by the changes in the law and reduced state aids. It would be nice to see the town board expend some effort in that direction.

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