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Bay football must return to basics
January 06, 2012 | 01:46 PM

I've covered the Bay for Breen's entire head coaching career (4 years) and I believe Breen's staff did an admirable job, especially last season. But how can you expect wins when only 25 or 30 kids are out for the team? Also, there is no youth football program in the Bay like the Big Foot Wolves or Lake Geneva Badgers.
Breen, Higgins, Diehl and all the parents and volunteers involved put in countless hours mentoring and teaching these young men about football and more importantly life.
Another thing to consider is open enrollment. A couple kids who had major talent lived in the Bay but went to Badger or Big Foot, understandably. Those programs have had great recent success, and kids want to win.
In my opinion, the Bay needs to take it back to the basics. No new formations, no complicated 5-wide sets. This is high school football. If you can run and stop the run, you will win games. All you really need is one bread and butter play-action pass and a perfected run game between the tackles. Focusing on fine-tuning two or three plays can be as valuable as "tricking" the defenses with new plays each year.
I commend Breen for hanging in there for as long as he did. He is a great man, and he built relationships with these players that will transcend high school and sports.
Just throwing it out there, I would imagine Diehl is the front-runner, while John Higgins will be his top assistant.
A new system with new people may take a few years to work, and the school can't bear any more winless seasons.

Mike the sports editor
Walworth County
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