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report print email Source: Editorial: BREAKING: Breen out as Bay football coach
Semi Pro
January 08, 2012 | 03:53 PM

I agree with not being able to compare the difference between semi pro and high school. It is clearly a lot different and as being someone that has been a part of semi pro and high school i can say that coaching a high school team is a lot different. This man knows the game of football though and has proven his knowledge. He has been around the bulldogs and that gives him a hand up.

why bring in some random person from elkhorn? or even anywhere else? it's much easier to coach a team when you're from the town itself and you know the program. You can also make trips up to school a lot easier for necessary things. And aside from that being a good head coach involves who know in the school in order to make things work better. I know as a player my coaches were able at times to get me on the field because they were able to talk to my teachers here and there and help me out a lot...an outsider doesn't have this and at the bay it is important because its a small school in a small town and you need every player you can even if he didn't pass a geography test

Stan Fairhchild..that's an interesting one. I never thought that he would have applied but good for him. I don't know him as a football guy though...im pretty sure hes a basketball guy. with a lot of other teams involving basketball that his attention is focused on. In order to turn this program around we need a coach's full attention...Not that he can't do it because he knows coaching but he has other teams he has on his mind..nothing at all against Stan..hes proven himself as a coach

Walworth County