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Hey Lisa
January 09, 2012 | 10:16 AM

You might want to hire another Sports reporter since Ram Jet doesn't write or can't write about wrestling. Badger High wrestling team is 15-2 in dual meets so far this year and has done exceptioanl in the 4 invitational its has particpated in, yet no articles except the pre-season article despite the fact that Ram Jet get the stats faxed to him after every contest. Be nice to have at least one or two articles for the kids before the season is over. might even improve circulation if parents thought their sons and daughters names might be listed in the paper and could add to the scrapebooks. But then again you say Ram Jet is a knowing sports authority, so maybe wrestling is not a sport that needs to be covered. (although your two previous sports editors had no problem writing about the teams)

Badger Fan and Observer
Lake Geneva
Walworth County