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Hey Peg
January 10, 2012 | 11:10 AM

Guess the statement of facts are Juvenile to some. To correct your misunderstanding of the overall original statement. Ram Jet is or at least displays that he is somewhat incompetent, I was not calling for his ouster because he failed to write about wrestling, but his overall failure to write about local sports in a timely manner and to do so without editorial embellishments, misquotes, and falsehoods.

He has a blog with which to express his feelings, as an Editor he also has the option to write an Editorial offering his comments on varied sports subjects. It is the story reporting and to a large degree the lack of it that is my point.

Also as you can see Peg I signed my name just like you did, so I am no longer an anonymus juvenile mud-slinger I put a name to my statement.

As for bullying, maybe I am guilty of pushing and standing up for local athletes. They work very hard to compete at a high level in representing themselves, their school and their community. So I feel they deserve to see their name and accomplishemnts in the paper and get the community recognition that high school athletes in other small towns in the area get from their Hometown papers.

Sling away Peg!

Badgfer Fan and Observer (Les)
Lake Geneva
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