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Traffic flow will improve with parking improvements
January 25, 2012 | 12:48 PM

Traffic gridlock in downtown Lake Geneva has been there for years and spending hundreds of thousands on new signals is not going to fix the issue. It all comes down to traffic flow and incessant need for improved parking. As a previous poster stated maybe the time is now to remove parking from at least one side of Main Street so that traffic can flow better especially at the intersections. Improved turn lanes and through lanes will move the traffic but the bigger question is move it where? There is still a huge parking problem that is not being addressed and sure to get only worse with the new smart meters coming this spring. Improved surface lots and a parking structure are sorely needed to remove street parking from one side of each major route thus improving traffic flow. With more longer term parking there is sure to be increased commerce as people will stay longer than the few hours allowed on the meters. As a regular weekender for many years know that the parking and traffic congestion is the primary reason we avoid the Lake Geneva downtown area most of the summer except for a few key events like the art show and venetian night.

Williams Bay Weekender
Wms Bay
Walworth County