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To give to a Beggar, attracts More Beggars
January 27, 2012 | 05:05 AM



The More we Give out to help the Poor and Needy? Seems the More show up for it..

Everyone wants to live were they want, only 1 problem with that kind of thinking?

If you can't make enough $ to support yourself, living there, then you don't try to force that area to do so, you go live were you can Support yourself..

How the younger generation can expect to make $50-$75k yr around this part of the state is beyond me..

It now cost the ave of At least $5k yr for Individual health Insurance? Then how come they aren't required to have that. before owning all the other Luxuries of Living ?

Let's just get everyone else to pay for it, instead so I can go out and Buy a nice Car, Premium Cable TV and a Nicer Place to Live .. or don't have to work more than a 40 hr week.and can go Play and go fishing...

Sometimes, the Truth Hurts and a Reality check is Needed.

We allowed our Gov't to run up the Credit Card bills too High and Until we pay them down, we just can't afford to do much anything else..

Unless? We go work an extra 10-12 hrs a week to make the extra $ to pay those debts down..sooner..

and over 90% are working in this state.. and can do that..

As my Mother used to say..
Work First, Play Later..

Many Times I went out and Got a 2nd job to get the bills paid, that I ran up.. Then I could relax and go Play..

Retired Veteran
LG of course
Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin